Membership in this organization shall consist of local Pennsylvania clubs and other recognized clubs. POMOMC is obligated to deem membership, upon application, to any club which meets the membership requirements. 

Member Clubs shall: Accept the By-Laws of the State Organization. Schedule at least eight (8) club meetings per year. If you are a new club and have any questions about how the State Organization would be able to assist your new Mothers of Multiples club, please contact our Second Vice President. 

Submit annual dues to the State Treasurer. The membership dues are due and payable by October 1st. Dues received after this date shall be assessed a $5.00 late fee. Clubs not in good standing will not be eligible for Convention or the Doris and Lonnie Whitcomb Scholarship consideration. The annual dues shall be one dollar ($1.00) per capita, based upon the number of members at the end of the POMOMC fiscal year, May 31. 

Membership Application Form